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LeaCoMM Conference set for February 2016



LeaCoMM, a project funded by the European Commission which aims to provide teachers with a platform and valuable resources in the area of multicultural, multi-ethnic, multilingual, and multi-religious education, is holding its international and final conference on February 18th and 19th in Stuttgart, Germany. The conference will be a two day event which celebrates diversity in education by supporting teachers through shared ideas, best practice, resources, and workshops. There will also be a number of leading academics present, including Dr Carmel Mulcahy from Ireland and Professor Hans Anand Pant from Germany, that will give keynote addresses and answer any questions that educators and students alike may have. Exchange House Ireland as a partner and leader in the dissemination of the project will be a key part of this international event. 

The LeaCoMM project which started in January 2014, was established on the basis of the increasing diversity within schools, universities, and education settings across the European Union. This diversity has brought new challenges for both the education system and the teachers themselves. Staff on the LeaCoMM project have developed an interactive platform that provides users with the opportunity to engage in discussion, share ideas and practices, and utilise a number of key resources and reference documents developed throughout Europe. The platform which can be found on the project website, where news items and project information are located, gives access to teachers, students, educators, teacher-trainers, and other interested stakeholders. Please click on the following link for access: . Users can create their own profile and enjoy the free resources available on the project website and platform.

The international two-day event taking place in Stuttgart is open to all those interested in learning more about diversity in education and developing their teaching practices. For more detailed information on registering for the conference, the workshops, information seminars, and the keynote speakers please have a look at the project website

If you’d like any information on the project please contact your nearest partner:

Lead Partner

Soros International House – Vilnius, Lithuania

Other Partners

Desmos NGO – Katerini, Greece

Exchange House Ireland – Dublin, Ireland

Federal School Board Stuttgart – Stuttgart, Germany

Anton Martin Slomšek Institute (ZAMS) – Maribor, Slovenia

EGECED – Izmir, Turkey



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