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LeaCoMM online platform for teachers in Europe

The aim of LeaCoMM is the establishment of an online platform for teachers in Europe who work with multicultural, multiethnic, multilingual and multireligious learners in their classroom or school environment.

Exchange House National Travellers Service is very excited to be the Irish partner in LeaCoMM. Exchange House National Travellers service is the largest front-line service provider to the Traveller community in Ireland. We provide front-line services in the areas of youth, family support and education. In addition to our work on the various elements of the project, we also have responsibility for two Work Packages (WP) , WP 2 which deals with dissemination and WP8 which deals with expert advisory councils, sustainability and valourisation of the LeaCoMM products.

In terms of dissemination, WP2, we have been working very hard to produce the Dissemination Manual for the other partners, the LeaCoMM website, a media pack with templates for newsletters and leaflets. Exchange House is also responsible for collecting, collating and storing the dissemination data from the other partner organisations.

For WP8, we have also developed manuals for use by the partners to identify, contact participants and manage the input of the Project Advisory Councils (PAC) and Decision Making Panels (DMP). The PAC is a council of educational experts that will convene to review, evaluate and provide feedback on the LeaCoMM products. The DMP are individuals with expertise and influence in the field of education who will ensure that sustainability and long term use of the products of LeaComm are embedded from the beginning of the project.

If you think you would be interested in taking part in a PAC or the DMP, please contact us at

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